An administrator (admin) on Laboratory Wiki is an editor with special priveleges. Admin roles are filled as needed, and promotions are at the discretion of existing admin. There are three classes of administrator, distinguished by their respective roles on this wiki:

Executive DirectorEdit

An Executive Director (ED) has ultimate authority on this wiki, and is the final decision-maker. EDs exist mainly to resolve situations where subordinates cannot reach an agreement, to assist subordinates in their respective roles, and to assist all editors in improving and expanding the wiki. Promotions to ED status are at the discretion of existing EDs only.

Executive DirectorsEdit


A Manager is an editor with full administrative priveleges, including patrolling edits, blocking users, protecting, deleting, and moving articles, resolving disputes, and assisting subordinates in their roles. Managers are in charge of handling all aspects of the wiki, and are intended as a "last resort" before petitioning ED attention. Managers are also in charge of monitoring and promoting subordinates.


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A Supervisor is an editor that has been trusted with maintenance of the wiki, including patrolling edits and resolving disputes. Supervisors are the "first line" of administrative attention, and are mainly intended to support editors in improving and expanding the wiki, but also act as decision makers when situations necessitate it. Supervisors are also in charge of monitoring the Dispute Page and identifying potential candidates for promotion.


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